2016 Summer Collection



Who We Are >

ZEROVENTI is the Italian publishing house of the most prestigious magazines for Beauty and Wellness professionals in Europe and the world. We offer tailored communication services to foreign companies in order to ease their entrance and remaining in the Italian Beauty market.

Our Vision >

Thanks to massive technological advance, information dissemination is getting wider and wider than how it used to be; therefore, high quality information and communication will play a more and more important role in professional market and others. This will lead to the necessity of being more and more prepared and aware of how sectorial communication is evolving: old and new media will serve a specific market segment and its own peculiar needs.

Our Mission >

We offer quality contents specifically tailored to meet the needs and commercial interests of both our clients and the opinion leaders of the professional Beauty and Wellness industry. We follow the evolution of the information market closely and, therefore, we are able to adapt our media channels in order to reach the relevant target groups selected.

Our Magazines


Our Services

These are the services we offer to our clients:

  • 1. Search for distributors and planning of business meeting

  • 2. Translation, adaptation, layout and shipping of catalogues.

  • 3. Translation, adaptation, layout and shipping of house organs.

  • 4. Translation and adaptation of web sites.

  • 5. Translation, adaptation and management of institutional communication contents.

about us

  • Libera Ciccomascolo

    Libera Ciccomascolo

    Executive Director of Ladybird House

    ZEROVENTI’s editorial staff is composed by professional who are at the disposal of other professionals: they are competent and trustworthy people whom is a pleasure to work with.”

  • Enrico Zannini

    Enrico Zannini

    Director of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

    Thanks to our partnership with ZEROVENTI, we could access a wide range of skills and know-how which turned out to be essential to us and added a huge value to our big events such as “Esthetiworld” in Milan.”

  • Stefano Cappi

    Stefano Cappi

    General Manager of RobyNails

    I have been working with ZEROVENTI for several years, now: they are meticulous, open to discussion and proactive though never intrusive. They really give me confidence."

  • Federica Bettio

    Federica Bettio

    Owner of “Punto Estetica”

    ZEROVENTI manages to maintain a very direct and clear relationship with all the people they work with. They always take our problems and needs into consideration, even though they need to meet deadlines and have to handle organizational difficulties.”

  • Bernd Seibert

    Bernd Seibert

    Italian manager for Wilde Cosmetics

    Years ago we chose ZEROVENTI as our media partner — and we could not make a better call. Not only is it an international network, but it is also a reference point for the professional sector."